The World Wide Web is a key factor in our everyday routine. It also provides a way for everyone to gain money on the side. Whether you want to build a web site of your own with advertisements on it, or simply wish to sell some commodity, you will need a shared hosting provider so that your website will be always visible on the World Wide Web. But how do you find one that is cheap enough?

There are plenty of hosting providers providing hosting solutions. The competition is great and thus there are plenty of web hosting companies struggling to provide cheap hosting plans to earn more customers. The shared hosting solution is relatively affordable – it allows hosting firms to accommodate lots of clients on the same web hosting server, thus decreasing the cost of the web hosting service. At the same time, the clients are provided with a reliable web hosting service whose stability is ensured by certain resource usage limits that each customer has to observe so that his web site does not hinder the smooth functioning of the rest of the web sites on the same web hosting server.

Flexible, Low-Cost Web Hosting Plans

If you have looked around for an inexpensively priced web hosting solution for a while, and have a frame of reference, you will value the flexible and affordable prices that AEY WEB HOSTING offers. We give many extras – a cheap domain registration with each of our cheap web hosting packages, a free-of-charge website building tool and a free-of-charge, easy-to-use web app installation tool. Your website can be up and running in no time and, owing to the cut-price web hosting service, you have to invest a little and gain a lot by.

Inexpensive, Multifunctional Web Hosting Services

Aside from hosting your web site, shared hosting plans give you also the opportunity to set up your own mailbox accounts with your own personal domain name. The hosting Control Panel offered by AEY WEB HOSTING includes very user-friendly and full-featured tools for managing your files and for setting up and managing your own email accounts. Whether you pay on a monthly or on an annual basis – it does not matter, the options do not alter and the prices are truly good. If you do not want to configure an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird to access your e-mailbox accounts, there is also a webmail system, which enables you to access your e-mail account from any place provided that you have Internet access.

Over the years, the need for website hosting services has grown extensively, but people also prefer cheap prices. The solution web hosting companies have devised is called shared hosting. These hosting providers host numerous clients on one and the very same web hosting server, making sure that they do not intervene with each other by setting restrictions on the server resources each account is allowed to utilize. This allows for both stable performance and lower operational costs as compared to a dedicated server, which is utilized by just one single person, and allows hosting companies to offer affordable prices to their customers.

What can you do with a shared hosting account?

The shared hosting accounts traditionally offer multiple web site, mail and database management features – a web hosting Control Panel, a File Manager tool, a File Transfer Protocol client, a phpMyAdmin interface, and usually webmail – to access your email mailboxes. At AEY WEB HOSTING, we provide all these features at attractive rates. We have both monthly and annual invoicing options and also provide a cheap domain registration with each of our shared web hosting plans. You can also manage everything from a single place with us – our easy-to-use web hosting Control Panel includes all the features you need to handle your web site files, DNS resource records, register and renew more domains, set up e-mail accounts and mailbox aliases, activate e-mail forwarding and automatically configure your email software client. How many domain names you can accommodate in your web hosting account depends on the website hosting plan you have, but monthly traffic and web hosting space are unlimited – you are only limited in terms of the CPU allocation and the number of hosted domains.


Aside from all the common tools, it is extremely essential when the hosting solutions provider ensures that your web hosting content is shielded. So, the presence of routine backups is vital and you should check in advance if the web hosting solutions provider of your preference is offering such. We offer everyday backups and keeps backups for the past seven days. The backup comprises your website files and databases and to have it restored, you need to get in touch with our tech support team. They respond in less than an hour, so if you erased those files fortuitously – do not be alarmed, hope still lives!

Aey Web Hosting offers quality fast WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento, OpenCart hosting because specialy been created for those CMS and if you are looking hassle free hosting all you need to do is visit Aey Web Hosting and check panel demos, prices and pick your free domain name and create your website quickly. Dont forget free support is always ready for you and no hidden fees or prices because Aey Web dosent advertise diffent prices and you pay always same no extra for renewals or extra for hosting another website in same account or adding another email account.

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Win An iMac & A Divi AI Membership For Free!

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